Val d’Aran, a destination of charming villages, endless ski slopes and hiking trails

Val d'Aran

Val d´Aran, in the Pyrenees of Lleida, the charm of a landscape with postcard towns, exquisite gastronomy, astonishing beauty and adventure in nature, dazzles everyone who visits. This region surrounded by mountains has it all. From pedaling a mountain bike through its forests and waterfalls, to getting lost in its narrow streets, churches and museums, or sliding through the snow on the endless slopes in Baqueira Beret. Coming to Val d’Aran is discovering a magic destination.

Located at the north west end Catalonia, border with Aragon and France, the valley covers an area of 620 square kilometers, with a population of almost 8,000 inhabitants and a total of nine municipalities. It is surrounded by mountains of more than 3,000 meters of altitude where up to 10 baby bears have been born; it has 354 kilometers of forest roads, it is crossed from side to side by the Garona River, and hides a unique landscape of seven lakes, the Circ de Colomèrs .

The charming villages

Perched at the top of the Val d’Aran we find Bagergue, the most beautiful town in Spain as many have described. Away from the bustle of the cities, this enclave offers architectural gems with mountains and meadows, green or white depending on the season.

You can also visit the capital of the region, Vielha , a magnificent town divided by the Nere river in whose old town large avenues are mixed with narrow streets and old houses. As if they had come out of a fairy tale there are also the villages of Bossot and Bausen , both with a monumental complex and an environment with the air of a fable, while Les , the last town before entering France, it is famous for its hot springs.

What to do?

  • Walking and pedaling. The Val d´Aran is the perfect setting for lovers of sports in nature. There is a large number of routes for mountaineering, with good shelters and refuges, in its hills. There are also bicycle and horseback routes. Essential: admire the imposing Salto del Pish -Pish cascade-, the most iconic of the valley made up of two spectacular waterfalls, and be fascinated by Ulls deth Joèu -Eyes of the Devil or Jupiter- where the waters of the Aneto glacier reappear after traveling more than 4 kilometers underground.
  • Put on your skis. In the Val d’Aran, winter sports have one of the best resorts in the whole country, Baquèira Beret , with about fifty kilometers of slopes. Surrounded by peaks near 3,000 meters and with a climate that guarantees snowfall during the whole season, Baqueira never disappoints.
  • Walk the route of the 7 lakes in the Circ de Colomérs. We suggest to make a stop along the way to admire this dreamlike landscape of glacial lakes. There are different routes and trails to know them all. One of the routes being circular, starting and ending at the crystal clear waters Colomèrs pond.
  • Feast on the table. The main ingredients of the Val d’Aran cuisine come from the orchard, hunting and fishing. The Aranese pot is the most representative dish, while other traditional products include cheeses, pâté or blood sausage.

With the family

  • A popular train. Traveling with the family through the valley on a small touristic train is a perfect activity to enjoy in summer. The train schedule is from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday and departs from the Artiga de Lin Interpretation Center.
  • Aran Park. An real school of nature in the middle of the Pyrenees. The visit, which lasts approximately two hours, allows you to see bears, lynxes, otters, wolves, marmots, vultures, or deer in semi-freedom in their beautiful natural surroundings. Find the details:< / li>

Interesting facts

Val d´Aran Tourist Office
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25530 Vielha
Telephone: 973 64 01 10