Origens UNESCO Global Geopark, shelter of unique geological, paleontological and cultural wealth

Orígens UNESCO Global Geopark

The ORIGENS UNESCO GLOBAL GEOPARK is the hugeness of the entire universe before your eyes, the remains of millions of years ago at your feet, and an exceptional geological legacy at your hands. The Montsec mountain range in Lleida, where this park is located, is one of the best places in the world to observe, learn and enjoy Earth Sciences. From its landscapes you can witness the geological record of 550 million years of Earth’s history.

Its impressive rock formations and rich natural resources are the result of the disappearance of the sea that existed, more than 36 million ago years, in the geographical heart of Catalonia and that evaporated with the rise of the Pyrenees.

The Lleida geopark is made up of 19 municipalities in four regions: Pallars Jussà, La Noguera, Pallars Sobirà and Alt Urgell, which together exceed 2,000 square kilometers.

Montsec Astronomical Park

The Montsec Astronomical Park offers perfect conditions to dream you are touching the sky, but this time with your eyes wide open. It is one of the environments with least light pollution in Southern Europe. Exceptionally dark conditions and the low impact from the nearby municipalities guarantees the quality and preservation of this night sky. Let’s keep it for long!

This area of the Pre-Pyrenees of Lleida is so stamped as Starlight destination, with the double certification of Tourist Destination and Starlight Reserve, awarded by the Starlight Foundation with the endorsement of UNESCO, to distinguish the best spaces for stargazing.

With the family

  • Dinosaur Territory. There are many elements in the park that explain the evolution of life. Fossil remains such as bones, eggs and footprints of the last dinosaurs that lived in Europe before their extinction help to understand their living conditions. Visiting the Global Geopark is discovering the origins of a territory where the last dinosaurs in history walked!
  • Boumort’s Reserve. Visiting the Serra de Boumort and observing the deer is an amazing sight. From mid-September to mid-October there is also the deer roar. This is the mating season, when it is easy to see big deers and the best time to observe how the males scream trying to attract the females. Within this area you can also do different excursions on foot, mountain bike and 4×4 vehicles.
  • Follow some of its georutas such as the caves of the park that run through the park’s galleries, natural shelters full of elements of great beauty and history.
  • Get on the Tren de Los Lagos -The Lakes train- and discover from its wagons the beauty of the landscapes that run between Plana de Lleida and Pallars Jussà. There are different experiences such as Nostalgic Pallars, A walk through La Pobla, or The deer roar.