The essence of wildlife is found in the Val d’Aran


The Val d’Aran is one of the areas with the wildest personality in the Pyrenees. In addition to its history and culture, preserved over the centuries, its impressive nature of strong Atlantic influence. The privileged natural environment and the uniqueness of the landscape make the Val d’Aran a unique destination to be in contact with fauna and flora.

The natural beauty of the Valley is presented in its deciduous and coniferous forests, along with alpine and subalpine meadows, and beautiful river sections or lakes. It’s charm is in every corner.


Its orientation towards the north, with a high mountain orography and its typically Atlantic climate, makes it host ecosystems suitable for some species of great interest. You will find the brown bear, a great variety of mammals, the endangered cavilat, or the bearded vulture. Because all this it’s been the first mountain destination to obtain Biosphere Destination certification (January 2014).

With this certification, the environment is valued as one of the great heritages of the territory. A guarantee of sustainability and a quality seal ensuring that the native and wild fauna and flora are not threatened by man and at the same time, it allows you to enjoy its landscape.

What to do?

Within the Val d’Aran and in other points of the Lleida territory you have magnificent options to make fauna your great ally.

  • Aran Park. A park where you can see bears, lynxes, otters, wolves, marmots, vultures, or deers in their natural environment. An ideal option for families.
  • Witnessthe roar of the deer. It can be seen in the Boumort Reserve from mid-September to mid-October as well. It is easy to run into large deer and feel them howling in mating season.
  • Mountain leisure all year long. The Pyrenees is a territory in which, in a natural environment and during the four seasons of the year, you can find all forms of leisure that a mountain destination can offer.


The combination of infrastructures that meet the most demanding European standards, with a community preserving the traditions of its past, its ancient culture and its natural heritage, make it the first mountain destination in the world to be recognized having a sustainability policy and a responsible management of tourism activity.

The Lleida province also offers a total of 11 natural reserve , protected areas that allow the preservation of the local species. Some of them, such as Sant Llorenç de Montgai Wild Fauna Natural Reserve, having other cultural and sports activities, like travelling on the Tren dels Llacs. A great way to combine respect for nature and leisure!

Without any doubt, if you want to enjoy the essence of wildlife at its best, you cannot miss this paradise: La Val d’Aran.