The icon of cave art is in Lleida

arte rupestre

Cave paintings of Cogul – Les Garrigues – @Nelson Souto

Moving back thousands of years and understanding mankind is possible in Lleida, since it has one of the most important rock art groups in all of Catalonia. Humans have always had the need to express their concerns and thoughts. When writing did not exist, the best way to express their feelings and thoughts was through cave paintings expression, you will find them in Lleida lands.

Cave paintings in Lleida constitute a set of an exceptional category that describes the way of life, in a critical phase of human development, in a vivid and graphic way in some unique artistic expression -for their style and theme- which will help you to know and understand the end of prehistory.

What to see?

The Lleida rock art is the largest group of art of this type that can be found in all Europe. You will find a wide variety of examples that will take you back thousands of years. In this territory you will discover 16 archaeological sites that UNESCO has recognized as having paintings of great value and World Heritage Site.

The Roca dels Moros del Cogul stands out, considered one of the most important sites on the Iberian Peninsula. It is a cavity about 10 meters wide, 3 meters deep and 4 meters high, where you can see 45 figures engraved on the stone and a dance scene interpreted as a phallic dance. We suggest you find the inscriptions that show that it was a sanctuary in two outstanding periods of history. Do you dare to discover it?

Discover more paintings in Cogulló cave in Vilanova de Meià and Vilados in Os de Balaguer, very interesting to count its 29 schematic figures from the Bronze Age. Also striking to visit is the Rock of Rumbau de Peramola or the shelters of La Granja d´Escarp, found as a result of mining prospects. And many other rock jewels that make Leida the perfect place to go deeper into this subject. Did we move back thousands of years?

Cave art route

If you are an archeology lover or you simply want to feel like Indiana Jones for one day, we suggest you do the cave art route in Lleida. A real tour of the most important sites, from Garrigues to Alt Urgell, a really fascinating experience.