The snow in Lleida offers family fun and leisure activities

Actividades en la nieve

The chances of enjoying the snow in Lleida are immense. The 11 ski resorts in the Lleida Pyrenees offer a set of ski resorts available for all kinds of activities in the snow. To the great offer of alpine skiing, we must add a whole variety of recreational sports and leisure activities that have motivated a wide proposal aimed to fulfill the wish to bathe in white in dreamy landscapes. Come to Lleida and venture into snowshoeing, multiple excursions, sleigh rides, slides, diving under the ice and much more!

Routes with snowshoes

The guided routes with snowshoes in Lleida is a sport activity that combines nature and sport and consist of excursions through the most popular mountains equipped with snowshoes. The professional guides adapt the level of difficulty to the group level so that everyone enjoys the activity and the snowy landscapes.

Snowshoes are accessories that, attached to the boots, are used to move comfortably through snowy terrain. We highlight the route through the Aigüestortes National Park where different lakes are crossed, under the gaze of “Els Encantats”. Practice sports and enjoy nature with the best guarantees!

Other activities

Besides snowshoeing, in Lleida Pyrenees you can enjoy many other activities for fun and leisure among white landscapes. We suggest the following:

  • Diving under the ice.
  • Inclusive circuits.
  • 4×4 driving in snow.
  • Ice climbing.
  • Snow excursions, expeditions and adventure trips.
  • Freeride.
  • Heliski.
  • Snow-hockey.
  • Igloos.
  • Interpretation of traces in the snow.
  • Wildlife observation.
  • Tours with snowmobiles.
  • Photographic routes.
  • Sledding trips.
  • Splitboard.
  • Snow surfing.
  • Dog sledding.

With family

Playful and adventure parks in the snow, such as Port Ainé, are great options for all family members to enjoy the snow. Many ski resorts also offer activities to bring the little ones closer to nature and some even organize excursions in search of mysterious living creatures hiding in the mountains.

It is important to take into account that on dates such as Carnival, International Snow Day or Christmas the facilities expand their fun with music concerts, costume parties, fireworks castles, or educational workshops.

Do you dare to live a different experience in the snow?