Lleida stands for multi-adventure


Living adventures is synonymous with freedom, feeling the wind on your face, nerves in your stomach and adrenaline making your skin crawl. Living multi-adventures is synonymous with Lleida . And it is that this territory offers infinite activities to overflow our emotions.

The best: it can be done all year round. So if you want to have a fun experience with your family, we recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the multi-adventure spaces of Lleida.


The lands of Lleida host different companies where you can spend a few hours of adrenaline, laughter and fun. Our proposal is:

Port del Comte Adventure and Activities Park

In the Ski resort of Port de Comte you can practice many fun activities other than skiing. Among its offer is the possibility of enjoying the different skill circuits through the trees. This facility is located inside a forest and has zip lines, elevated walkways and ten technical challenges of all levels. Fear is not an option in this place!

For more information: www.portdelcomte.net

Play and adventure park in Port-Ainé

The Ski resort of Port-Ainé also offers a perfect adventure alternative for the summer with its multi-adventure circuit in the trees. And for the little ones, they have a mini-park also in the trees with 10 games for intrepid adventurers (from 4 years old).

For more information: www.portaine.cat

Tim Aventura

At El Pont de Suert, in the Lleida Pyrenees, you will find this arborism and hectic multi-adventure circuit, which is a real challenge for all its visitors. If you immerse yourself in it you have to overcome a good number of obstacles such as zip lines, Tibetan bridges, logs, ropes and other tests. Bring the desire to climb and walk through the heights and leave the vertigo and tranquility at home.

Find out more: www.timaventura.com

Pirineus Parc Aventura

This park allows you to visit the vertical forest most extensive in the Pallars Sobirà region. It is the perfect combination between an activity park and nature, due to the environment it occupies and its privileged location. Its facilities are designed to accommodate all ages and types of visitors, therefore, its circuits have several levels.

Its jewel are the different zip line routes to enjoy Lleida. Each tour is designed for a group of age and height, you simply have to find the one that best suits you and enjoy. And all this with the Torrasa reservoir at your feet. What more could you want?

Don’t miss anything: www.pirineusparcaventura.com

Cims Aventura

An acrobatic park, located in Rialp , to feel like the popular Takeshi’s Castle show. In addition, it is suitable for all ages! It has circuits of different difficulty levels: one for children with 8 zones, one for youth with 12 zones and one for adults with 20 zones.

Find out more: www.cimsaventura.com