Horseback riding, disconnecting on horseback is possible in Lleida

Rutas a caballo

Horse riding on the shore of the Torrassa reservoir @Jordi Pou

Peace and tranquility go hand by hand on the back of a horse . Taking a route with them through the lands of Lleida will make you reconnect with life and nature, silence, space, and all kinds of feelings that urban life and cities refuse to give.

How it works

Going on a horse route in Lleida involves much more than a walk. Enjoying the environment and being able to get to know the animal better, such as the parts of its body or its diet, make this experience an unforgettable memory. In addition, discovering the techniques and safety rules for riding is also a key point to ensure that the activity runs smoothly. You will learn to mount and dismount the horse, know the correct position of the rider, or give the basic orders to the animal.

It is an activity that will be carried out by a qualified guide who will accompany you throughout the experience. You only have to worry about one mission: enjoy.

Types of horse riding routes and zones

There is a great variety of possibilities to do the horse riding routes to your liking.

  • Routes with pony . It is the ideal option for the little ones of the family. The children will have a great time riding one of them, an activity to connect with nature and to respect animals.
  • Routes on horseback near the river or the mountain . There are many beautiful places to go and the schedule is not a problem, since there are activities of one hour, two hours, half day, full day or even a whole weekend. There is also the possibility, on request, of going out at night. A very good option for summer nights and a great excuse to enjoy a unique setting.
  • Riding lessons . If you still want something else, various companies offer horse riding lessons. It’s never too late to learn to be a great rider!

Lleida also has some of the best areas in Catalonia to put this activity into practice and you will find a place to do it virtually throughout its territory. With no doubt, an opportunity to discover the Lleida landscape full of mountains and unique meadows.

To celebrate an anniversary, make a getaway with your partner or simply visit Lleida from another point of view, horseback riding is an experience that will impress anybody.