Best fishing spots in Lleida


Fishing and Lleida have a very special relationship. The demarcation is a destination well known by lovers of mountains, skiing, culture or adventure sports, but one of its main assets is fishing . Its privileged natural setting, full of rivers and lakes, offers numerous choices for this activity. A sport that is becoming a top-level tourist resource recently, are you going to miss it?

The Lleida Pyrenees is full of natural spaces for anglers. Both Ribagorza, Alt Urgell or Pallars Sobirà, offer a dozen natural possibilities where nature and sport are combined in the same space.

In Lleida you can practice sport or traditional fishing and also “no-kill”, increasingly used by fishermen to protect the fauna.


Rivers like Noguera Pallaresa , Noguera Vallferrera or Noguera de Cardós , and the emblematic Segre, Valira, Garona, Noguera Ribagorçana or Noguera de Tor , are places where there are still true native trout and other species highly sought after by fans of this sport. These are the best areas in Lleida to cast the hook, but not the only ones.

Nor can we forget the endless tiny streams and lakes that delight the most adventurous, nor the reservoirs such as Oliana La Torrassa , one of the favorites by fans for its many folds and clean waters.


Fishing in the rivers of Lleida is fully controlled and regulated to avoid excess catches and guarantee the protection of the river’s fauna. To be able to fish, it is first necessary to obtain a recreational fishing license , which allows fishing in free fishing zones.

See procedures here: recreational fishing license .

The license can be obtained in the regional offices and the territorial services of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, the territorial services of the Department of Environment and Housing, the Catalan Federation of Sport Fishing, in the Servicaixa of La Caixa and the Agriculture portal, within the procedures.


  • You cannot fish in the National Park, nature reserves and protected areas.
  • The permission is personal and non-transferable.
  • Fishermen who fish with death pay almost twice as much as those who practice the method without death.
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